Synario Director of Sales

 1735 Market Street

 43rd Floor

 Philadelphia, PA 19103

Director of Sales

Quinn Henry

Quinn Henry joined PFM in 2007. He is the director of sales for Synario, PFM’s proprietary financial modeling platform. Synario allows users to develop custom models to visualize, explore, and communicate potential future financial paths of their organization. It serves as a trusted partner in the decision-making process, allowing users to interpret the financial impact of their choices as they set the direction of their institution.

As the director of sales, he is responsible for supervising and organizing the sales team. In this role, he leads business plan development, coordinates lead generation efforts, tracks performance, and facilitates on-going training.

Prior to assuming these responsibilities, Quinn worked as Synario’s director of training, where he was responsible for the creation, implementation, and improvement of all training efforts. This previous experience gives Quinn an intimate understanding of the platform, which he uses to help educate prospects on how Synario can be positioned to help solve their unique challenges.