Austin Water: Refreshing the Status Quo

Managing water for a major metro area in Texas

  • Austin Water spent 3–4 months each year building out its annual forecast and budget in Excel and 1–2 weeks preparing PowerPoint presentations. If decision-makers wanted to see alternative scenarios, they had to go back to the drawing board.
  • Learn how they used Synario to build their latest annual forecast in 1-2 weeks.

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Integrated Features

Financial Modeling Just Got Easier

Collaborate in the Cloud

Synario is a completely cloud-based financial modeling software, meaning you and your team can collaborate on your financial models at the same time.

Built-In Presentations

Stop copy and pasting charts and graphs into presentation slides. Synario offers integrated presentations that directly connect to your financial models.

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Import Data from Anywhere
Update your Models in Seconds

scenario analysis toggles

On/Off Scenarios
Analyze Multiple Outlooks Instantly

real time results

Real-Time Results
Alter Projections Without Hassle

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Easy Import

Import Your Data From Anywhere

Leave IT behind with our easy data import function. No special hook-ups or custom configuration.

Simply get your data into a CSV format and upload it into Synario. Our financial modeling software will do the rest and within seconds your financial model will be up to date!


Unbeatable Scenario Analysis

Synario uses patented technology to allow users to efficiently manage and analyze an unlimited number of assumptions, initiatives, and scenarios.

No more one-off spreadsheets for each scenario. Easily manage every model and scenario in one cloud-enabled platform

Real time financial modeling

Get Results in Real-Time

Synario’s presentations are interactive, meaning your team, leadership, and stakeholders can get immediate answers to their questions without affecting the underlying model.

Drastically reduce the back and forth between your analysis and decisions with Synario.