Integrated Financial Statements - Automate Your Financial Statement Modeling

Synario Comes Out-of-the-Box with Automated Financial Statements.

Built-in financial relationships simplify and speed the development of integrated financial statements. Unlike spreadsheets, there is no elaborate formula writing or complex relationship management. Additionally, Synario's connected financial statements all live within a single financial model, eliminating your version control issues.

"We sit down every October with stakeholders to plan out our capital build for the next year, including what types of services we're going to be offering to our customers, and it's only because we have the cash flow statement in Synario that I am able to do that."

- Melissa Green, CFO, Hart Telephone Company

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Automate your Financial Data

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Easy Data Upload

Simply upload your existing historical data and Synario will output a complete set of financial statements. It’s that simple.

Financial Scenario Thresholds

Automated Financial Statement Modeling

Synario automatically models your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement based off of your historical data, new assumptions, projects, initiatives, and more. All within a single model.

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Explore your Future through Statement Modeling

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Consolidate Your Financial Statement Analysis

Patented Multiverse Modeling technology allows for multi-layered exploration of integrated financial statements from one financial model. Escape your spreadsheet version control issues with Synario.

Financial Scenario Thresholds

Rolling Cash Flow Modeling

Building a spreadsheet-based financial model that projects your financial statements all the way down to cash over a 20+ year time-frame is next to impossible. With Synario, it comes out-of-the-box.

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See Your Financial Story from Any Angle

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Formula-Free Pivoting

Synario's integrated financial statements can be pivoted along multiple axes, including by time, division, department, scenario, and more. Unlike spreadsheet environments, there is no need to write custom formulas. Simply select your dimension and incorporate it into your statements.

Financial Scenario Thresholds

Identify Impacts by Isolating Differences

Both strategic and financial initiatives can be incorporated into Synario's connected financial statements through toggled sliders. Those sliders include an option to isolate the impact a given initiative has across all three financial statements. No extra formulas or logic required.

Synario is Utilized by a Wide Variety of Organizations Around the World

Model your organization forward with Synario.

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