Integrated Financial Statements – Automate Your Financial Statement Modeling

Synario Comes Out-of-the-Box with Automated Financial Statements.

Built-in financial relationships simplify and speed the development of integrated financial statements. Unlike spreadsheets, there is no elaborate formula writing or complex relationship management. Additionally, Synario's connected financial statements all live within a single financial model, eliminating your version control issues.

“We sit down every October with stakeholders to plan out our capital build for the next year, including what types of services we're going to be offering to our customers, and it's only because we have the cash flow statement in Synario that I am able to do that."

– Melissa Green, CFO, Hart Telephone Company


Automate your Financial Data

Easy Data Upload

Uploading your historical data is easy. Simply upload a .csv file with your historicals, linking your labels into our connected architecture, and Synario will output a complete financial statement filled with your existing data and sorted by your Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow. It's that simple.

Automated Financial Statement Modeling

With Synario modeling is seamless. You can add in your formulas, your logic, and have it populated throughout the line items of your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. The outputs of your logic are based off of your historical data, new assumptions, projects, initiatives, and more. All within a single model. complete set of financial statements. It’s that simple.


Explore your Future through Statement Modeling

Consolidate Your Financial Statement Analysis

Our patented Multiverse Modeling technology allows you to explore a multitude of financial outcomes in one financial model. Synario allows you to layer different financial scenarios and compare them to each other in one central hub helping you to escape your spreadsheet version control issues and present your findings with ease.

Rolling Cash Flow Modeling

In traditional spreadsheets, building a financial model that projects your financial statements all the way down to cash over a 20+ year time-frame is next to impossible. With Synario, it comes out-of-the-box, enter your formulas into one central area and link the line items you want to it, any changed to the formulas will be populated throughout making modeling your financial future easy.


See Your Financial Story from Any Angle

Formula-Free Pivoting

Synario's integrated financial statements can be pivoted along multiple axes. You can visualize changes in your financial model by time, division, department, scenario, and more.

Unlike spreadsheet environments,  these various versions are held in one model and can be created and managed in one place. Once created you can simply select the dimensions you wish to create and incorporate it into your statements, while maintaining the custom projection logic you created in your line items.

Identify Impacts by Isolating Differences

Both strategic and financial initiatives can be incorporated into Synario's connected financial statements through toggled sliders. Those sliders include an option that allows you to isolate the impact a given initiative has across all three financial statements, allowing for detailed scenario analysis on a micro and macro level. Once created these sliders can be added into your model easily with no extra formulas or logic required.

Smart, Flexible Financial Statements – Anywhere

Synario’s easily integrated, effortless customizable financial statements are accessible to everyone on your team from anywhere in the world. Our cloud-based computing allows you to access your model in an instant, whether you need you modelers to update your financials before a meeting starts, or you need your stakeholders to view an updated presentation of your model remotely. Changes are instant, meaning that not only will your projections and financials be updated once a change is made, but so will your presentations. On the go financial modeling has never been easier.

Financial Statements with Synario. Effortless. Efficient. Excellence.
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