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Synario Does Scenario Planning Best

Test unlimited sets of assumptions and scenarios on your business’s unique financial outlook, all from a single financial model. Future-proof your organization by creating scenario-based plans to adapt to any industry shift or economic condition.

Wondering what is scenario analysis?

Check out our article detailing the importance of scenario analysis and how it can future-proof your business.

Scenario Analysis Features in Synario

Below find a list of key aspects that make multi-variable scenario analysis easy and intuitive in Synario's financial modeling software .


Can Future-Proof Your Business

Contingency Planning

Build your financial and strategic plans around an unlimited number of scenarios. Generate confidence in your financial outlook.

Learn more about the importance of scenario analysis for contingency planning. 

Financial Thresholds through Scenario Analysis

Synario can help you create the best financial outlook, as well as identify financial thresholds to plan toward or around.


Built with Adaptable Assumptions

Easily Create Initiatives

Synario’s intuitive assumption tables let users quickly build initiatives around capital projects, sales projections, and more, all controlled through user-friendly switches.

This allows you to look beyond your base case analysis.

Blend Initiatives to Build Scenarios

A scenario is a mix of initiative switches and Synario models will update in real-time to any changes or additions of initiatives in a scenario.


With Pivotable Tables and Initiatives

Synario’s reports and charts are pivotable by scenario, so you can visualize the results of your scenario analysis side by side, easily selecting the best financial trajectory. Alternatively, you can see the impact of only one initiative by selecting its ‘difference’ switch.


Provide Credible Insights

Adapt to Questions On-The-Fly

With Synario, there is no need to go back to the drawing board for each new question. Assumptions and initiatives can be quickly altered mid-presentation.

Confidence and Credibility in Every Result

Synario’s unique drill-down functionality lets you know exactly how insights were calculated. Black box spreadsheet-based financial models are a thing of the past.


Through Micro and Macro Scenario Analysis

Scenario planning can be a difficult undertaking in traditional spreadsheet-based financial models. Synario was built to facilitate finance teams in performing comprehensive scenario analysis and scenario planning. Through patented layering technology, exploring an organizations future through a scenario-based lense has never been easier.

Seamlessly Build, Analyze, and Manage Micro and Macro Scenarios

Garner incredible insight into the future of your business through the best scenario analysis tools available.

Synario’s micro and macro scenarios are intuitive, utilizing toggled switches and simple menus to craft and implement comprehensive scenarios. Unlike spreadsheets, where scenario analysis needs either complex if statements or complicated versioning, finance professionals can build, analyze, and present scenarios from a single model in Synario.

Finance teams can adapt scenarios on-the-fly and provide answers to complex what-if questions within minutes, all within the same financial model.

Why Your Business Needs Scenario Analysis Today

As external factors affecting businesses change on an almost daily basis, investing in scenario analysis technology today is more important than ever before. Scenario analysis software allows finance professionals to manage potential risks while positioning their organizations to capitalize on lucrative financial outcomes.

Synario is the key to performing effective and time-efficient scenario analysis. From weighing investment opportunities to prioritizing capital projects and initiatives, Synario offers powerful scenario analysis tools accessible to both finance professionals and stakeholders alike that streamlines the process of scenario analysis.

Test Decisions Before They Happen

Purpose-built scenario analysis tools allow finance professionals to test organizational decisions and directions before they happen. Many corporate decisions, like mergers and acquisitions, need to be vetted inside of a five year financial model prior to pursuing that direction.

Performing that level of analysis for multiple scenario-based decisions can be time-consuming inside of traditional spreadsheets. Synario makes it easy to mitigate decision-making risks through built-in and intuitive scenario analysis tools.

Analyze Economic and Market Factors

Creating an agile organization means building adaptability into your business processes. Scenario analysis allows financial executives, analysts, and stakeholders to make informed decisions fast while testing for external factors like variable market conditions, economic shifts, and more.

As market conditions change, your business's strategy must adapt with those changes. Performing scenario analysis in Synario allows organizations to formulate a plan for any condition, meaning your business stays ahead of the curve.

Avoid Challenges, Capitalize on Opportunities

Scenario analysis is more than analyzing best, worst, and expected cases. It means seeing challenges and opportunities well before they occur, and positioning your organization to capitalize on the latter.

Risk management is a key indicator of a business's ability to adapt and survive in challenging internal and external conditions. A multi-dimensional scenario-based view allows businesses to chart the best trajectory towards a profitable future. Synario utilizes patented layering technology to allow users to analyze scenarios on botha micro and macro level.

Scenario Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis

Scenario analysis should always be combined with sensitivity analysis to simultaneously explore alternative futures while focusing on changes in key business variables.

Synario offers an intuitive financial modeling platform that combines both macro scenario analysis with micro sensitivity testing. While other applications offer rudimentary financial scenario analysis tools, Synario is the only financial modeling software that gives total control over every scenario variable while allowing users to dive into one or two key variables with sensitivity testing tools.

Synario is Utilized by a Wide Variety of Organizations Around the World

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