Sensitivity Analysis For Risk Exposure Insight

Uncertainty limits your control and confidence. Synario’s Agile Modeling Intelligence ™ platform Illuminates the best path forward empowering you to mold your businesses financial future. In a fraction of the time, you can run boundless what-if scenarios and sensitivity analysis so that you feel confident in both your analysis and in the boardroom.

Sensitivity Testing

Sensitivity Testing

Deepens Insight in Minutes

Empowered by the platform, accelerate the time it takes to provide key stakeholders with risk exposure and sensitivity analysis. Synario will take your data analysis time from weeks to minutes.

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Reduce Data Analysis

Patented Multiverse Modeling™ technology powers unlimited live scenarios, enabling rapid comparative analysis.

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Deepened Insight into Risk Exposure

Dynamic comparisons dashboards incorporate live side-by-side projections eliminating tortured conditional logic and clunky manual- or macro-driven processes.

Enabled Leadership

Enabled Leadership

Adapts to Any Question with Confidence

Confidently make high-stakes decisions when the moment rises. With Synario’s full-field view, you can analyze a spectrum of assumptions, visualize impacts, and conduct a full sensitivity analysis in just a few clicks.

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Lead With Confidence

Synario’s interface is built for collaborative meetings and real-time analysis. Answer ad-hoc questions on the spot with Synario’s powerful and intuitive interface.

financial consensus sensitivity testing

Empower Consensus in your Organization

With a near indestructible modeling environment and dramatic reduction in error probability, Synario allows you to illustrate the impacts of finance and operational decisions. Immediate visualizations drive consensus among stakeholders and leadership teams.

Micro Scenario sensitivity testing

Micro Scenario Sensitivity Testing

Yields More Insight from Scenario Simulation and Planning

Evolve your organization with intelligent planning practices. Synario’s transformative technology empowers your organization to run advanced sensitivity analysis to uncover key analytical drivers, including isolating micro-scenarios that heavily impact your business operations. Like a GPS for businesses, Synario illuminates the best path forward, allowing you to proactively plan.

Multidimensional planning icon

The World is Multidimensional

The world is multidimensional, so your financial models should be too. Synario’s limitless sensitivity analysis and multi-dimensionality mimics the real-world more closely. Instead of producing one view of the future, or a couple variable dimensions—broaden your view through the lens of agile modeling intelligence.

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Drive Change through Scenario Visualizations

Drive change and lead intelligent meetings with Synario’s collaborative interface. Identify the impact of potential actions instantly, with advanced sensitivity analysis and linked data visualization features.

Synario is Utilized by a Wide Variety of Organizations Around the World

Model your organization forward with Synario.

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