What-If Analysis – Confidently Answer What-If Questions

Your finance team wants to help organizational leaders make informed decisions, often in the form of answers to what-if questions.

Synario gives model presenters the ability to answer financial questions on-the-fly with powerful what-if analysis tools. Escape your vicious decision cycles and version control issues by answering what-if questions as they come up from a single financial model


Answer Questions As They Are Asked

Powerful financial modeling tools let finance leaders answer what-if questions within the same meeting.

Dynamic Presentations

Synario’s Presentation mode allows you to change your analysis as questions arise. Edit growth rates, projected revenue, and more to answer the requests of your board.

Add More Flexibility

Build financial and valuation models to predict outcomes for any department, without limitation.


While Reducing Business Risk

Asking, analyzing, and answering what-if questions is critical in reducing the risk associated with mission-critical business decisions. Synario is purpose-built to support finance teams in delivering transparent and credible analysis to any what-if question.

Expect the Unexpected

Recessions, supply chain disruptions, office shutdowns – Synario helps you visualize and analyze any possible outcome.

See 10 Steps Ahead

Determine how to navigate your market by quickly analyzing current market trends and their impact on the future of your business.


Explore Every Possibility Without Complicated Spreadsheets

Unlike Excel-based financial models, Synario allows users to layer in an unlimited number of changes or assumptions into a single model. Answer what-if questions without creating the risks or errors associated with multiple versions of the same model.

Unlimited Data Tables

Synario’s object-oriented architecture allows finance leaders to answer even the most challenging what-if question without fear of model failures or crashes.

Clear Data Visualization

Synario’s presentation mode allows you to customize your presentation to help convey your findings while allowing your audience to interact with the reports, charts, and other outputs through individual user access levels.


Safeguarding Your Decision-Making

What-if analysis is the process of isolating and analyzing future opportunities or challenges your business will face. When examining a simple future scenario, what-if questions can be answered in a matter of minutes or hours. However, when attempting to answer a complicated what-if question, especially concerning its impacts on a business's full set of financial statements, the analysis can take weeks or months in a traditional spreadsheet environment.

Synario helps finance leaders answer multi-faceted what-if questions while drastically mitigating the risk of error propagation or bad results. In Excel, finance teams are risking their credibility on what-if analysis that is difficult to verify. As new what-if questions are asked, Excel-based financial models become copied and edited, meaning potential errors transfer to new environments. With Synario, patented layering technology means what-if analysis is performed and managed within a single financial model. Even more, the results of every what-if analysis can be directly presented from Synario, removing an additional step from the traditional “spreadsheet to presentation slides" process.

Answer Complex Questions

What-if analysis answers complex questions about any aspect affecting your business. From sales forecasts to capital planning, what-if analysis is used by finance teams to provide clarity around mission-critical decisions.

Test In Isolation

What-if analysis is generally used to test decisions in isolation. Unlike scenario analysis, where multiple factors and decisions could affect your results, what-if analysis to measures one decision against another.

Present Outcomes Fast

What-if questions are meant to be answered quickly. During a financial model presentation, stakeholders will ask what-if questions. Those questions should be answered promptly and efficiently by your finance team to provide clarity and consensus to stakeholders.

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