In-Person vs. Remote

A video series exploring the various impacts of in-person vs. remote teaching scenarios for colleges and universities using the Synario financial modeling software.

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THE question facing higher education decision-makers right now is if they move forward with in-person or remote semesters for Fall 2021. Understanding the impacts collectively and in isolation is a critical component in selecting the correct trajectory for your higher education institution.

Synario models the student changes associated with in-person and remote teaching scenarios. The analysis includes modeling various levels of student retention, tuition growth rates, and expense initiatives including an upgrade to a learning management system, COVID-19 testing, and remote teaching infrastructure.

Higher education auxiliary revenues are one of the most fiscally impacted areas when examining in-person vs. remote semesters. Especially in the remote scenario, where only a very limited number of students are returning to campus, the loss of auxiliary revenues can have a lasting impact on an institution's financial sustainability.

Layering in personnel changes, including headcount changes, salary changes, and expense initiatives, gives a very different outlook to both the in-person and remote scenarios. Watch the video to learn how to model personnel changes and incorporate those changes into your in-person vs. remote analysis.

The fourth video in Synario's in-person vs. remote mega-analysis series, this video layers in alternative projections for endowment returns and utilization rates, as well as decreases in annual giving associated with the financial impacts of COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021.

With the new federal funding from the American Rescue Plan, planning how these funds can best benefit your institution is crucial. Watch this video to learn how Synario allows you to incorporate and adjust these funds into your in-person vs. remote analysis.

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