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Endicott University Case Study:
Project Prioritization and Funding in Synario

The college’s various needs meant balancing multiple competing capital-intensive projects. President DiSalvo and the Executive Committee brought the issue to Endicott’s Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer, Anthony Ferullo, and challenged him with finding the best trajectory for the College.

Ferullo looked to Synario to model the competing projects and explore the impact of different prioritizations and funding strategies on the college’s overall financial standing.

Model+Analyze at a maximum speed, efficiency, and precision 

8x Faster, 9x More Precise

Financial Analysts and financial modelers agonize over one common thing, and that's the accuracy of their models. 99% of spreadsheets contain errors–Even the most experienced modelers have inaccuracies baked in their financial model.

Synario's cloud-based system eliminates the need for error-prone spreadsheets, ultimately alleviating the stress and risk associated with traditional spreadsheet modeling.

Precision is critical when the future of your organization is on the line. Synario's underlying intuitive technology is powered by the insight of industry leaders in accounting, finance, modeling, and software development. With this pre-built and pre-mapped logic at your fingertips, your models will be nearly indestructible and wholly accurate, advancing your modeling experience and overall performance no matter your experience level.

Become Your Organization's Most Powerful Resource

Intuitive Financial Modeling Software for Financial Analysts

Synario's flexible and modular modeling environment allows finance professionals to quickly build and maintain financial models of any scale and complexity.

Regardless of the modeling task, Synario's Intelligent Modeling technology and patented layering capabilities make multi-dimensional financial modeling and analysis a breeze–reducing model build and analysis time from weeks to minutes.

Synario makes model building easy:

A Full Spectrum of Outcomes

Modeling Intelligence Unlocks New Levels and New Possible Futures 

Synario allows you to conduct deeper analysis in a fraction of the time–providing you with a spectrum of alternatives and a clear indication of the best path forward.

This new level of insight empowers finance and leadership teams to make executable plans and move forward with confidence.

Answer any Ad-hoc question in just a few clicks:

Easily Scale With Your Business or the Scope of Any Project. 

Synario models have a scalable architecture that can quickly scale to any size or complexity.

When asked to add one more product in the portfolio, one more asset class in the depreciation schedule, or extend your model to include five more years of projections, you’ll be able to return a thorough visual analysis with minimal effort. With Synario’s object-oriented interface, the platform allows you to plug and play with varying variables, assumptions, and time horizons without disrupting the underlying model structure.

Develop and Maintain Connected Models of any Size:

Analyze Models Intelligently

Patented Multiverse Modeling™ technology allows users to explore an unlimited number of scenarios or what-if questions from a single model. Escape the confines of spreadsheets with superior financial model analysis tools from Synario.

Scenario Analysis

Discover the power of a scenario-based outlook with Synario. Patented Multiverse Modeling™ technology allows users to explore an unlimited number of financial scenarios from a single model. Synario does scenarios best.

Sensitivity Analysis

Easily zoom in on the effects of individual financial variables on your organizations financial outlook. Through user-friendly sliders and interactive charts and graphs, Synario removes the difficulties surrounding sensitivity testing in a spreadsheet.

Cashflow Analysis

Synario is a purpose-built financial modeling platform. Unlike traditional spreadsheet or budgeting applications, Synario was built to solve challenges associated with financial modeling and cash flow analysis.