Smarter Financial Modeling Analysis

8X Faster than Spreadsheets

Answer ad-hoc “what-if" questions on the fly. Synario gives you the ability to see so much more with smarter analysis tools. 

Limitless Scenarios

Patented Multiverse Layering Technology

Since the layers hold multiple assumption sets and/or formulas, there is no need to save multiple versions of the model.

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Construct ‘trillions’ of scenario alternatives in seconds going beyond the typical static view of Best/Base/Worse.

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Easily turn layers on and off to compare how slight or significant changes affect your business’ future.

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Alternative assumptions and formulas are non-destructive and can coexist in the same model at the same time without complex conditional logic.

Analyze better, together.


Transparent Collaboration for any industry 

Cloud enabled collaboration allows anywhere, anytime access by multiple users at the same time.

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Multiple users can work on the same model concurrently.

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Model data sets are fully transparent with the ability to drill down to any level of detail by all approved users with complete transparency.

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re-tested and verified formulas cannot be copied over or corrupted, combined to prevent errors and ensure integrity across multiple versions.

Differential for Multi-User Access

Synario’s financial models are not just meant for modelers – they are designed for collaboration. Through the Synario software, CFOs can adjust and modify assumptions and initiatives, quickly creating new views of their organization’s future. Meanwhile, stakeholders can view specific presentations composed of accessible insights from financial or strategic model outputs.

Configure, analyze, and understand your financial models from any position.


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Easy On/Off Scenarios

Quickly answer what-if questions and alternative outlooks with micro and macro scenarios.

Seamless Cloud Collaboration

Work together on your financial models simultaneously from anywhere in the world.

Built-In Presentations

Your financial model doubles as a presentation in Synario. Make changes and answer questions live.

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