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Refer a friend to Synario and when their organization signs up, you can get up to $5000 off your next year of Synario. Refer more friends and get even bigger discounts.

*up to 10% of annual licensing fees. See the Synario Referral Program terms and conditions for more information on offer rewards.

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Rewards are stackable up to your organization’s full yearly subscription fee. The more you refer, the more you could save!

It just takes 2-minutes! Submit your referral through our online form. And, you’re done! We handle the rest.

The referral information you submit will not be used for marketing purposes or shared with third-parties.

Refer a Friend to Modeling Intelligence.

2021 is the year of bouncing back, and planning is an essential component to organizational growth. Refer a friend to Synario and you both get a better outlook.

Referrals are Stackable.

Cover your costs of using Synario next year by referring multiple friends and colleagues. The more that sign up, the more referral credits you receive.

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How it Works.

Submit your referral through the referral form on this page and Synario will handle the rest. Your referral is confidential, and the referral's information will not be added to any marketing lists.

You let us know if you would like to reach out to your referral first, or we can. It's up to you.

A Synario representative will introduce your referral to our financial modeling software.

If your referral signs up, you'll see your referral rewards appear on your next invoice from Synario.

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Refer Synario.

Synario helps organizations navigate today's uncertain environment.

Synario helps friends and colleagues navigate uncertain market conditions caused by COVID-19. By referring Synario, you can help an organization uncover its best financial future.

Synario helps business leaders see a full-field view of their future.

Synario's dynamic presentations inspire collaboration and consensus across an organization. By referring Synario, you can help an organization see a full-field picture of its financial future.

Synario helps modelers and CFOs create reliable projections.

Synario helps finance teams reduce human-error and problems associated with static financial forecasts. By referring Synario, you can help a finance team trust their financial models.

Get a Discount on Synario Next Year.

If you would like to reach out to your client service representative about this offer, you can contact them here.