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Higher Education Finance Could Use A Remodel

Higher Education Financial Planning is Full of Hiccups

You spend days, weeks, even months perfecting your financial model when you get an email from the higher-ups that a new project has just popped up and it has sweeping consequences across your model.

It takes hours to weave in the changes to the new tab through your model followed by updating your presentation, copying and pasting screenshots over and over again, trying to make sure you don't show the same data twice.

Then next thing you know: “Microsoft Excel has stopped working.”

And as dread sets in you're left asking, “When was the last time I saved?"

How are people supposed to plan for the future when their tools are stuck in the past?


“I feel that we are better equipped now by having the Synario product to inform us about our decisions and the long-lasting impacts that they may have on us as an organization, to our financial statements, and to our ability to sustain our operational structure in the long term.”

Bryan Elmore, AVP Budgets & Business Operations at Auburn University

Synario consolidates spreadsheet analysis into one cloud-based & collaborative modeling platform.


Instead of a blank spreadsheet, Synario inherently knows how to be a financial model; allowing you to project income statements, balance sheets, statements of cash flows with ease.

You can even model specific scenarios without having to create a new file.

  • Increase your discount rates.  Test the impacts of years of discount growth at your institution. 
  • Create comprehensive capital plans and see how they affect your model totally, with no heavy uplift.

Update assumptions in one place and have the changes flow through out. Create copies of previous assumptions or additional version and have them stored in one place.


One-off analysis for things like capital projects and scenarios can live within your Synario model as an on/off switch. Allowing you to compare and contrast your data with just a click of a button. No need to navigate through endless tabs or scramble to find old files.*

Explore the financial consequences of your entire portfolio of strategic decisions using real-time data and results. Synario allows you to analyze:

  • pricing models
  • tuition discounting
  • project prioritization
  • environmental and social changes
  • and so much more

*Synario users report up to 40% fewer hours devoted to model building and management!


Your presentations live in Synario! Outputs and updates are directly connected to your presentations saving time and adding interactivity to your meetings and boardroom presentations.

You can even edit your presentations directly, allowing you to answer any what-if questions that may pop up during a meeting.

Less versions and less time waiting for new projections to be built allows for faster, informed financial decisions and more collaboration. All without the risks and inefficiencies of spreadsheets. 

Synario's the trusted cloud-based financial modeling solution for over 100+ higher education institutions:

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