Covenant College selects Synario Financial Modeling Software

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PHILADELPHIA – November 20, 2017: Covenant College has selected the Synario Multi-Year Planning for Higher Education platform to meet their strategic planning and forecasting needs. With a total enrollment of approximately 1,000 students, Covenant is a small Christian liberal arts college in Lookout Mountain, GA.

Chief Financial Officer, Dan Wykoff, was seeking assistance with multi-year planning. He was introduced to PFM Solutions and quickly saw the value of Synario. Dan plans to use it extensively to build the size of their endowment. The platform provides various sensitivities around endowment returns and utilizations. He was further impressed with the revenue scenario use cases, especially around enrollment. The Covenant College finance team would like to have a working model by the end of December to prepare for a high level plan in January.

Synario delivers to CFOs, Finance Directors, and their Boards the ability to isolate and analyze threats and opportunities in their financial future.

  • Delivered in the Cloud – no hardware or software to maintain
  • Built for Collaboration – version control issues are completely eliminated
  • Easy to Implement – average time to “go live” is 2-4 weeks
  • Best Practice Approach – leverages PFM’s long history helping higher education institutions solve budget and finance challenges