You are currently viewing HIGHLIGHT: Austin Water at the Synario Virtual Solutions Summit 2021

An Organized Approach to Financial Modeling

In this highlight from Austin Water’s presentation at Synario’s 2021 Virtual Solutions Summit, Christina 'Tina' Romero discusses how they utilized Synario to organize their financial forecasting process and facilitate clear communication between their finance team and key decision-makers.

Want to see more? Watch the full presentation to see how:

  • Austin Water originally spent 3–4 months each year building out its annual budget in Excel and another 1–2 weeks preparing PowerPoint presentations. If decision-makers wanted to see alternative scenarios, the team had to go back to the drawing board.
  • While other teams contributed data for the models, their finance team was somewhat siloued. A team of two was responsible for most of the financial modeling and budget planning. Budget meetings happened only a few times a year.
  • Christina Romero, a financial division manager at Austin Water, felt like they were “missing something.” She chose Synario as a full-stack financial analysis, forecasting, and budget planning solution.
  • Within months of onboarding, Synario helped Romero’s team build their latest annual budget in 1–2 weeks. And with Synario’s automated Presentation Mode, they can prepare presentations in just 1–2 hours and make adjustments mid-presentation.
  • Now, Romero’s team of eight contributors has biweekly budget meetings to make sure everyone is on the same page.