You are currently viewing HIGHLIGHT: Wofford College at the Synario Virtual Solutions Summit 2020

Financial Planning Workshop for Non-Finance Stakeholders

This is a highlight from Wofford College’s presentation at Synario’s 2020 Virtual Solutions Summit where they showcased how they used Synario to create an interactive workshop to help non-finance stakeholders at the university better understand how their financial planning and budgeting process operates.

Want to see more? Watch the full presentation to see how:

  • Wofford presented a highly interactive, half-day session for faculty and staff with limited financial experience to explore the challenges of maintaining a sustainable financial model at a private liberal arts college.
  • Had participants break into groups where they built their own custom college or university, considering their college’s key stakeholders, institutional mission and core values, and  identified their key institutional priorities and noted how they would achieve these priorities. 
  • Built their mock college by naming it, determining the size, type of student experience, what the physical campus might look like, and what type of individuals made up the students and faculty.
  • Were tasked to make qualitative judgments about how they would run the institution by asking and answering important questions such as:
    • How much will you pay faculty/staff?
    • How diverse will your student population be?
    • What types of institutional resources will you make available to your campus?
    • What will be the age and physical condition of your campus?