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A History of Collaborative Success, Synario + Saint Michael's College

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Success, how do you make it last? What does it take to maintain, and nurture a financial mission through adversity and unforeseen circumstances?

We sat down recently with VP of Finance and Administration, Robert Robinson to discuss how he, as a driving force behind the Saint Michael's financial mission keeps the institution on track.  We cover what tools he uses to deploy strategies that help to counteract challenges like demographic decline, the global pandemic, and inflationary increases; as well as how the institution improves operational efficiency without affecting the quality of the education it provides.

A Tenured Relationship:

“We've been a Synario customer and Future Perfect before that for over 15 years. It has been a key tool for us in really doing our long term strategic planning.”
-Robert Robinson, VP of Finance and Administration, Saint Michael's College

It's safe to say Synario and Saint Michael's have a great working relationship, in our interview Robert clues us in to the multitude of applications the platform has been able to help with. From capital projects, to working with ERP systems, Saint Michael's makes every business decision with the forethought of “How is this going to affect the quality of the education we provide". This mindset is a testament to the care the institution takes to ensure it's making the best decisions it can for the people who depend on the college.

Collaboration and Consensus:

Learn how Saint Michael's operates fluidly through both it's planning as well as it's endowment management. We can all take a lesson from Robinson who highlights the importance of relationships throughout these processes.

“Relationship, relationship, relationship. I'm fortunate again that we have a great team. My fellow vice presidents and I speak regularly. I speak to some of them daily. I certainly speak to others on an ongoing basis, really just making sure that the things that they're doing are both known to finance because again, most things that they're doing require the spending of money. And the spending of money is important to me and to finance. So really understanding how we're all working to the same objectives. And that happens through communication and relationships."

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