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Transitioning From Excel to Synario – An Infographic Overview

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Financial Modeling Software That Fits Your Skillset

Without other software options, spreadsheets have been the go-to choice for financial modelers for over two decades. Even with an abundance of errors and usability issues, many modelers and CFOs are hesitant to transition away from spreadsheets because they fear that their skillset won't transfer over to a new financial modeling solution.

Synario offers a state-of-the-art financial modeling environment that incorporates key aspects of spreadsheet-based financial modeling. Professional modelers, analysts, and CFOs frequently find that their Excel-based skillset and knowledge directly transfer to the Synario platform.

What do we mean when we say that your spreadsheet-based skillset will transfer over to Synario?

The infographic below lays out how Synario is similar and different from modeling in spreadsheets. However, the ability to transfer your skillset comes from the fact that both spreadsheets and Synario financial models are built on data, logic, and outputs.

Although Synario may look different, it operates on the same foundational elements as every other financial model. Those elements may be utilized and connected in a new way, but the building blocks remain the same.

Spreadsheets and Synario – An Infographic Overview

The infographic below describes, in detail, what similarities and differences modelers and CFOs can expect to find between spreadsheet-based financial models and models built in Synario.

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