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Communicating With Clarity: Showcasing Your Strategy With Synario

In this video from Synario’s 2021 Virtual Solutions Summit. IIT reviews the different array of audiences where Synario is a key factor in the discussion. From sharing with Faculty and Staff for developing buy-in to presenting to Investors when refinancing debt, interactive and engaging presentations enable the finance team to share powerful insights and facilitate collaborative strategic conversations.

Session Highlights:

  • The Illinois Institute of Technology had established a new 5-year strategic plan. Their team needed to create a corresponding financial plan to support it.
  • In 2018, Mike Horan (former VP for Finance, CFO, & Treasurer at IIT) and Mary Ellen Borchers (Associate VP for Finance at IIT) began searching for a software solution that would help their team test and carry out this plan. They wanted more than just an annual budgeting tool—they needed a solution for high-level financial planning and modeling.
  • Using Synario, Mike and Mary Ellen sat with various stakeholders to demystify the financial planning process and achieve buy-in from everyone on how they could execute the strategic plan.
  • The board wasn’t thrilled about the strategic plan—until they saw it in Synario. Mike and Mary used Synario to show the financial impacts of executing their strategic plan, and the board voted to accept it.