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Wofford College

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Use Case Overview

Standing out in today’s higher education environment is nearly impossible. For Wofford College, a private, independent liberal arts college in South Carolina, gaining national visibility to drive higher quality applicants is a constant challenge.

One advantage that Wofford maintains is its ability to quickly adopt new financial structures, aid initiatives, and relevant programs. With approximately 85% of gross revenue coming from comprehensive fees, any ideas that could alter tuition revenue need to be thoroughly vetted.

To project the financial feasibility of these initiatives, Wofford analyzes various combinations of revenue models, projects, and student offerings with the Synario modeling platform.

Use Case Highlights

  • See how a private, independent college differentiates itself in a competitive environment
  • View the financial analysis and rational behind new tuition models
  • Explore new marketable initiatives
  • See how Wofford College combines tuition models and initiatives into various scenarios.