Integrated Micro & Macro
Scenario Management

Excel at project management with Synario. Creating, updating, and presenting scenarios in one software allows you to perform risk management and what-if analysis seamlessly with minimal errors and absolute version control.


Synario allows you to highlight the line items that matter most to your company to create custom scenarios that meet your exact needs.

From modeling your capital plans to comparing in-person vs. remote working impacts, you can analyze any combination of data points to help you make an informed decision for your business.


Your scenarios update as your data does. No need to worry about changing and adding in new values manually. The changes you make to your original data sets will populate instantly.

Scenarios are dynamic. As you perform your analysis you can enter new values into your tables to answer any what-if questions that arise.

Through sliders, you can cycle through different scenarios to compare and contrast, and can even turn different impacts on and off to see how their outcome.


Scenarios can be seamlessly added in our in-house presentation mode. The can be easily shared with stakeholders during a live meeting or shared remotely but utilizing our “Viewer” user type, allowing stakeholders to view your model without risk of unwanted changes to your data.

All the benefits of our Modeling Intelligence are accessible in our presentation mode as well. Change data points live to answer stakeholder questions, add in new scenarios on the fly to aid in comparison, and worry no more about up-to-date numbers. Once your data set is updated the changes you need populate not only to your scenarios but to your presentation as well.


Through Micro and Macro Scenario Analysis

Scenario planning can be a difficult undertaking in traditional spreadsheet-based financial models. Synario was built to facilitate finance teams in performing comprehensive scenario analysis and scenario planning. Through patented layering technology, exploring an organizations future through a scenario-based lense has never been easier.

Seamlessly Build, Analyze, and Manage Micro and Macro Scenarios

Garner incredible insight into the future of your business through the best scenario analysis tools available.

Synario’s micro and macro scenarios are intuitive, utilizing toggled switches and simple menus to craft and implement comprehensive scenarios. Unlike spreadsheets, where scenario analysis needs either complex if statements or complicated versioning, finance professionals can build, analyze, and present scenarios from a single model in Synario.

Finance teams can adapt scenarios on-the-fly and provide answers to complex what-if questions within minutes, all within the same financial model.

Model confidently with Synario.

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