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Create comprehensive cash flow statements over any time horizon with Synario. Integrated financial statements coupled with powerful layering technology means that finance leaders can create financial models that output detailed cash flow forecasts and analysis for any financial or strategic scenario.


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"We sit down every October with stakeholders to plan out our capital build for the next year, including what types of services we're going to be offering to our cus-tomers, and it's only because we have the cash flow statement in Synario that I am able to do that."

- Melissa Green, CFO, Hart Telephone Company


Support Complete Cash Flow Statement Analysis

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Synario’s integrated financial statements automatically connect every element of your business. Cash based changes to your business flow through each financial statement, automatically affecting your cash position on the cash flow statement. Through pre-mapped accounting and patented layering technology, your finance team can create comprehensive cash flow forecasts for an unlimited number of scenarios within a single financial model.

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Over Multiple Time Horizons

Identify your cash position over multiple time horizons, whether it be by year, quarter, month, or week. Finance teams can set their time horizon preferences upon implementation, determining the granularity they would like to see within their Synario financial model. After data is imported into your model, Synario can easily collapse or expand to display cash flow forecasts for short-term detailed analysis or long-term cash-based outlooks.

Not only are cash flow forecasts available over multiple time intervals or periods, they can also drill down to show different divisions of your business. Leave messy spreadsheet versions behind with powerful cash flow insights from Synario.

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Connects to Cash Flow Forecasts

As your business evolves, your financial model has to evolve with it. Eventually, your model will look nothing like the original template. In spreadsheet-based financial models, this inevitable model adaptation generally leads to error propagation, versioning, and bad decision-making.

Synario’s error-resilient financial modeling platform allows users to explore new avenues, incorporate new business elements, and glean insights from future scenarios without the hassle and risk of spreadsheets. Every model adaptation automatically connects to cash flow, meaning your finance team can understand the solvency of your business through any scenario.

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Available for Any Scenario

Create comprehensive outlooks of future cash flows with Synario. Easily analyze the value of cash-based investments today with discounted cash flow valuation methods within your financial model. Synario includes built-in Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return calculations, allowing finance professionals to calculate discounted cash flows for any scenario.

Synario accomodates discounted cash flow valuation methods for any industry, including real estate and pharmacauticals. Through object oriented architecture and intuitive layering technology, finance teams can gain new insight into their future cash position based on an unlimited number of scenarios within a single financial model.

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More Than Cash Flow Forecasting

Synario is more than a cash flow forecasting software, it is a complete decision analysis solution. With features ranging from integrated financial statements and pre-mapped accounting to scenario analysis and sensitivity testing, Synario offers clarity, credibility, and consensus to financial modelers and stakeholders alike.

  • Intuitive Scenario Planning

  • Integrated Financial Statements

  • Custom Dashboards

  • Live Connected Presentations

  • Multi-User Access


When building a financial model in a spreadsheet, financial modelers are either adapting an existing template to fit their unique business or creating a financial model from scratch. In either case, connections to different parts of the model are manually set up to reflect your business as it exists in that moment in time.

As your business evolves, that model must evolve with it. Updating a spreadsheet-based financial model can be grueling, risky work, and, with solvency on the line, errors could result in drastic consequences to your business. Cash flow analysis is the most complex component of a financial model to produce since it relies on values from both the income statement and balance sheet. Faulty connections or errors in either financial statement can create errors in the cash flow statement, leading to potentially lethal miscalculations in cash position.

How Synario Solves the Problem

Synario is a purpose-built financial modeling platform. Unlike traditional spreadsheet or budgeting applications, Synario was built to solve challenges associated with financial modeling and cash flow analysis.

Whether you are modeling cash flow for new business processes or existing corporate finances, Synario’s patented layering technology and integrated financial statements yields intuitive cash flow analysis.

By utilizing patented layering technology, Synario is able to maintain the integrity of your singular financial model while adapting to changes to your business (i.e. asset purchases, capital initiatives, employee changes, etc.) Therefore, cash flow forecasts are a credible sources of insight into the cash position of your evolving business.

Utilized by Organizations Around the World

Synario's cash flow forecasting and financial modeling software is used by businesses around the world to project their financial future. Learn how your organization could benefit from an advanced modeling platform like Synario.

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