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The Auburn Story

25 min Read

Learn how Synario's financial modeling software allowed Auburn University to build out capital plans for different initiatives, make collaborative decisions, and visualize the overall financial health of the University.

In This Webcast You Will Learn the Modeling Benefits of:

Capital Planning
How new capital investments impact your operating revenues and expenses.

Enrollment Impacts
How enrollment trends and tuition rates are reflected in the organization's income statement.

Moody's Credit Ratings
Conduct bond rating impact analysis based on numerous assumptions


Our Speakers

Alexia Pereira
Client Success Manager | Synario
[email protected]


Bryan Elmore, CPA
Assistant VP, Budgets & Business Operations
Auburn University

“I feel that we are better equipped now by having the [Synario]  product to inform us about our decisions and the long lasting impacts that they may have to us as an organization, to our financial statements, and to our ability to sustain our operational structure in the long term”

Bryan Elmore

Assistant VP- Budgets & Business Operations, Auburn University