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Synario’s purpose-built financial modeling platform gives accountants the tools to easily provide their clients with new FP&A solutions such as scenario planning, forecasting and cash flow analysis.

Easier Modeling

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Industry-Leading Financial Modeling Software

For Accounting Firms

Synario gives you advanced control over your client’s financial projections. Model each business dimension, perform scenario and stress analyses, and dynamically present your findings to your clients all from one cloud-enabled software platform.

The Truth About Business Intelligence

To truly be an intelligent business, BI software needs to include a component that analyzes future challenges and opportunities, not just analyze historical data.

Similar to budgeting applications, there is no existing software that is best-in-class for both historical data manipulation and prospective modeling.

Modeling intelligence (MI) software like Synario was purpose-built to look at future possibilities. With Synario, business leaders can view changes in their tied-out financial statements as they explore an unlimited number of future scenarios. To accomplish these types of projections quickly, the foundation of financial modeling software must be formula-based. Get more insight into how you can make the most of MI in business intelligence practices, here.

Improve Communication with Your Clients with Synario

  • Audience-Specific Interfaces – Stakeholders see tailored outputs rather than the entire financial model
  • Real-Time Results – New assumptions compute instantly without needing to refresh or save.
  • Complete Transparency – Trust your insights with the ability to see how they were calculated.

Build consensus with your clients with presentations that evolve with your strategic discussions. When stakeholders are able to actively query your financial models, boardroom questions turn into collaborative conversations.