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With years of experience ranging from small private colleges to large public universities, Synario can help lead your institution to a financially rewarding future.

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With industry-leading implementation, patented multiverse modeling technology, and accessible cloud-access, Synario will quickly become your go-to financial modeling tool.


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Effortless Configuration
Purpose-built tools, features, and functions make it easy to build, modify, and maintain high-performance models.


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Boundless Exploration
Patented Multiverse Modeling™ powers unlimited live scenarios, enabling rapid comparative analysis.


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Dynamic Visualization
Cloud-enabled Analytical and Presentation modes dynamically animate analysis to broaden projections and enhance decision-making.

Financial Modeling for Higher Education

Release the visionary in you with powerful financial modeling intelligence (MI) from Synario. Below find a sample of modeling uses we've supported in the past. Alternatively, read how Chapman University modeled their new program offerings using Synario (see the synopsis).

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Building Boardroom Consensus

Synario automatically generates interactive reports and charts. Stakeholders can actively query models during boardroom presentations.


Projecting Student Revenues

With the advent of online learning and ever changing state funding it's more important than ever to stress test your student revenues.


Impacts of Capital Project

Synario automatically ties out the financial impact of capital projects and initiatives across all of your institution's financial statements, including cash flow.


Rating Agency Presentations

Build your credit rating with dynamic presentations from Synario. Visually show your strategic plan and adjust assumptions on-the-fly.


Evaluate New Programs

Adding a new program to your college or university? Let Synario show you the most financially stable trajectory for your higher education institution.


Assess Debt Capacity

Analyze the debt capacity of your college or university while evaluating potential initiatives and scenarios. Explore your borrowing capability with Synario.

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Visualize your Financial Models like Never Before

  • Audience Specific Interfaces - Customize results to stakeholder needs

  • Real-Time Results - New assumptions compute instantly

  • Complete Transparency - Trust your insights with drill-down funtionality

  • Differential Access - Set access levels for different Synario users

Build consensus throughout your organization with custom interactive reports generated directly from the Synario platform. When stakeholders are able to actively query your financial models in a single meeting, boardroom questions turn in to collaborative conversations. 

99% Fewer Formulas

100% Free of #ref errors

3 Integrated Financial Statements

Fully Integrated Financial Statements

The Synario modeling engine communicates changes to your projected financial statements, including cash flow, as you make them. Alter certain assumptions or initiatives in the balance sheet and they will automatically alter your cashflow projections.

When comparing us to other financial modeling services...

Synario helps you make decisions faster. Our modeling platform uses patented layering technology to quickly alter statement projections without needing to save and redistribute data-oriented results.

Gain insight into your organization's financial future faster with Synario.

The Chapman University Story
Modeling New Program Offerings


PhD programs are often costly for higher education institutions. For Chapman, this meant that these programs will “run negative,” and the challenge was modeling how negative.

Having access to a platform that accurately determines future consequences is critical. Harold W. Hewitt Jr., Chief Operating Officer, explains, “It takes a complex, integrated, rigorous modeling tool like Synario™ to be able to integrate all of these assumptions and plans, and assure all of us that adding the program will be consistent with the overall financial goals of Chapman.”

Synario™ allowed Chapman to confidently add a PhD program in communication studies, which was a predetermined component of their current strategic plan.


Read the full chapman case study

Synario built for financial modeling cfo
Synario built for Financial Modelers
Synario built for stakeholders

 Designed for Collaboration

Synario's financial models are not just meant for modelers. Through the Synario software, CFOs can adjust and modify assumptions and initiatives, quickly creating new views of their organization's future. Meanwhile, stakeholders can view specific presentations composed of accessible insights from financial or strategic model outputs.

Configure, analyze, and understand your financial models from any position.