Powerful Scenario Analysis
for Power & Utilities

Synario is a financial modeling software purpose-built to offer insight into rate analysis, funding options, infrastructure prioritization, and more.

Model, analyze, and present the impacts of any scenario on the scope and scale of your utility company.

Easier Modeling

Smarter Analysis

Better Decisions

Power & utility companies face the unique challenge of creating financial models that reflect and test variances in potential scenarios. Such analysis proves difficult due to the complexity of such a projection, which must mimic the company’s business model and the dynamic relationships amongst variables.

Industry-Leading Financial Modeling Software

For Public Power and Utility Companies

Synario's transformative modeling intelligence allows users to design and build any projection logic, analyze any set of problems (operating and/or capital-related), and dynamically report pro forma GAAP financial statements, cash-based budget statements, and an assortment of benchmarked ratios and metrics over a multi-year prospective planning.

Cash on Hand Analysis

Synario allows for in-depth analysis of days cash on hand. Input unlimited financial scenarios and understand the impacts to your utility's unrestricted cash.

Debt Service Coverage Projections

Track debt service coverage ratios over an unlimited variety of financial scenarios. Build credibility with your constituents with Synario.

Ratepayer Impact Analysis

Analyze the impacts of a range of rates and rate structures on your customer base. Synario is the only platform that can support rapid sensitivity testing for utilities.

Rating Agency Presentations

Build your credit rating with dynamic presentations from Synario. Visually show your strategic plan and adjust assumptions on-the-fly.

Capital Initiative Prioritization

Uncover the best plan of action for your utility by looking at the financial impacts of each capital or infrastructure project. See what's possible in your utility's future.

Funding Option Analysis

Multiple competing capital projects means an even larger variety of funding options. Breakdown your possible debt financing capabilities inside of the Synario platform.


Fewer Formulas


Free of #ref Errors


Integrated Financial Statements

The New Revenue Requirements Model for Water Utilities

Synario is making waves in water utilities finance with a model, tailor-made for the water industry.

A combination of aging infrastructure, increasing operation costs, and unpredictable revenue streams are common hindrances that affect water utilities companies across the nation.

The new Revenue Requirements Model helps to solve these challenges as well as help water utilities get ahead on their revenue forecasting and infrastructure and investment planning.

The Future of Financial Modeling in the Power and Utility Sectors

See how Synario could lead your power or utility company to a brighter future with powerful financial modeling tools.

Public power and utility companies face the unique challenge of balancing population growth factors with infrastructure updates and regulatory restraints and hurdles. Synario is a purpose-built financial modeling platform that contains the customization necessary for power and utility companies to create, manage, and analyze complex financial models.

Read the article to learn how you could secure a sustainable financial future for your power or utility company.

The Perfect Solution for Renewable Energy Financial Modeling

Synario's powerful financial modeling tools can model even the most challenging renewable energy project.

Renewable energy projects require a detailed strategic plan to capture and overtake entrenched competitors effectively. Synario allows renewable energy companies to efficiently manage capital plans and go-to-market strategies within a single financial model. Solar, wind, and other renewable energy types can analyze their future through an unlimited number of financial scenarios, including commodity and regulatory scenarios.

Don't settle for a risky spreadsheet-based financial model. Automate your financial modeling process with Synario.

Integrated Financial Statements

Unlimited Scenarios

Rapid Implementation

Financial Modeling for Infrastructure Projects: Power, Water, Telecom & Transportation

The United States' infrastructure is in need of repair. Let's develop a detailed plan on how to execute your list of capital improvements.

Public utilities have hundreds of capital improvements and purchases to balance against limited capital funding. Coupled with that, interest rates, environmental regulations, and funding sources are constantly changing. Synario is here to help you upgrade your infrastructure planning to find your utility's ideal trajectory.

Read the whitepaper to learn how you could plan your infrastructure spending more intelligently and incorporate a changing future into your financial model.

Own Every Meeting with Synario

  • Audience-Specific Interfaces
    Stakeholders see tailored outputs rather than the entire financial model
  • Real-Time Results
    New assumptions compute instantly without needing to refresh or save.
  • Complete Transparency
    Trust your insights with the ability to see how they were calculated.

Build consensus throughout your organization with presentations that evolve with your strategic discussions. When stakeholders are able to actively query your financial models, boardroom questions turn into collaborative conversations.

Financial Model Flexibility without IT Support

IT roadblocks can cause stagnation and frustration throughout a team or department. With Synario, your IT department can safely step aside.

Our patented financial modeling technology works in isolation, meaning your organization does not need to work with IT to connect your existing systems. Furthermore, your organization maintains the flexibility to switch to the latest and greatest technology without reconnecting to Synario.

Your utility does not need to install any new software or connect Synario to your existing ERP/budgeting/accounting platform. Easily upload your financial data and access it anytime via cloud-based web application.

Designed for Collaboration

Synario's financial models are not just meant for modelers. Through the Synario software, CFOs can adjust and modify assumptions and initiatives, quickly creating new views of their organization's future. Meanwhile, stakeholders can view specific presentations composed of accessible insights from financial or strategic model outputs.

Configure, analyze, and understand your financial models from any position.