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Financial Modeling Software Platform

Understand the financial future of your real estate portfolio. Explore every acquisition or disposition and its impact on your organization’s future financial health. Quickly create dynamic reports around complex modeling topics like reimbursements, expirations, and market lease assumptions, and more. Synario also excels at producing interactive real estate proforma and general cash flow models, making what-if questions easier to explore and answer. Synario offers an innovative real estate FP&A software solution that can streamline your financial modeling workflow.

FP&A Excellence, Synario & Sabra

See how Sabra, a healthcare-focused real estate investment trust, conquered a crashing spreadsheet-based financial model and accelerated their financial analysis by switching to Synario. Read the success story.

“Anyone who has a really complicated gigantic financial model, [Synario] definitely helped simplify things and make our jobs easier."

– Sarah Mazur and Duncan Williams, FP&A Team, Sabra Health Care REIT, Inc

Boundless Exploration

Patented Multiverse Modeling™ powers unlimited live scenarios, enabling rapid comparative analysis.

Dynamic Visualization

Cloud-enabled Analytical and Presentation modes dynamically animate analysis to broaden projections and enhance decision-making.

Effortless Configuration

Purpose-built tools, features, and functions make it easy to build, modify, and maintain high-performance models.

Industry-Leading Real Estate FP&A Software

For Real Estate Companies and Investment Trusts

The options for real estate investment funding are something that can be found on online. Utilizing them in the most sustainable way possible is the hard part. Add in complex financial situations or a multitude of variables to keep track of and the process can get convoluted in the blink of an eye. This is where Synario shines. Keep complex layering situations in check with a viable and accessible real estate FP&A software solution.

Release the visionary in you with powerful real estate financial modeling intelligence (MI) from Synario. Below find a sample of how our existing clients are using Synario to build the right financial models for their real estate portfolio.

FP&A for acquisition and disposition

Acquisition and Disposition Planning

Model any combination of acquisitions or dispositions on your real estate portfolio within a single financial model.

Software presentation on equity impacts

Stock Equity Impacts

Visualize real estate planning scenarios as they flow all the way to stock and equity impacts. Understand the complete ramifications of every decision.

FP&A Software icon

Custom Leases per Property

Synario is completely customizable, meaning you can incorporate custom lease terms (like triple net leases) into your real estate financial model.

Real estate chart icon

Boardroom-Ready Presentations

Financial model reports and charts are presentation-ready and can be adjusted live to answer stakeholder what-if questions.

Software Sliders on Synario FP&A platform icon.

Toggled Micro and Macro Scenarios

Analyze individual assumptions and initiatives, or bundle real estate financial model changes together and save them as macro-scenarios.

Real estate FP&A members speaking icon

Simultaneous Cloud-Based Access

Work as a team to solve your toughest real estate planning challenges in Synario. Users can work simultaneously on a single cloud-based financial model.


Fewer Formulas


Free of #ref Errors

Scenario Analysis

How to Master Real Estate Financial Modeling

Understand and avoid the common pitfalls of real estate financial modeling and learn how dedicated modeling platforms like Synario can accelerate your forward-looking real estate portfolio analysis.

The real estate industry experienced an incredible rollercoaster of highs and lows during and after the global COVID-19 pandemic. Now is the time to sharpen your real estate financial modeling tools and understand the various elements that make up a great real estate financial model.

Read the article to understand the top components that create a good real estate financial model, and how Synario can streamline your modeling to make it faster and more reliable.

Own Every Meeting with Synario

  • Audience-Specific Interfaces – Stakeholders see tailored outputs rather than the entire financial model
  • Real-Time Results – New assumptions compute instantly without needing to refresh or save.
  • Complete Transparency – Trust your insights with the ability to see how they were calculated.

Build consensus throughout your organization with presentations that evolve with your strategic discussions. When stakeholders are able to actively query your financial models, boardroom questions turn into collaborative conversations.

FP&A Software Flexibility without IT Support

IT roadblocks can cause stagnation and frustration throughout a team or department. With Synario, your IT department can safely step aside.

Our patented financial modeling technology works in isolation, meaning your organization does not need to work with IT to connect your existing systems. Furthermore, your organization maintains the flexibility to switch to the latest and greatest technology without reconnecting to Synario.

Your REIT does not need to install any new software or connect Synario to your existing ERP/budgeting/accounting platform. Easily upload your financial data and access it anytime via cloud-based web application.

Real Estate FP&A Software for CFOs
Real Estate FP&A Software for Analysts
Real Estate FP&A Software for Stakeholders

Designed for Collaboration

Synario's financial models are not just meant for modelers. Through the Synario FP&A software, CFOs can adjust and modify assumptions and initiatives, quickly creating new views of their organization's future. Meanwhile, stakeholders can view specific presentations composed of accessible insights from financial or strategic model outputs.

Configure, analyze, and understand your financial models from any position.