Strategic Planning in Healthcare with Synario

Synario offers an innovative solution to strategic planning in healthcare. Through patented financial modeling software, Synario allows healthcare finance leaders to manage, analyze, and collaborate on agile strategic plans.

Synario is custom-built to your healthcare organization's specific modeling needs, meaning we don't require you to fit into a template strategic plan for healthcare organizations like other financial model providers.

Explore how Synario can help your healthcare company navigate its financial future more efficiently and effectively.

“We always have consistent data, and there’s only one version of it. Our reports are also always accurate. Synario lets us do the consolidations between our separate lines of business so that we can look at our organization holistically."

– Todd Crandall, CFO, Midwest Energy and Communications Inc

Understand your Future with Interactive Financial Models

Easily build interactive animated presentations that let you rapidly compare possible financial futures. Own the boardroom with Synario.

Effortless Configuration

Purpose-built tools, features, and functions make it easy to build, modify, and maintain high-performance models.

Boundless Exploration

Patented Multiverse Modeling™ powers unlimited live scenarios, enabling rapid comparative analysis.

Dynamic Visualization

Cloud-enabled Analytical and Presentation modes dynamically animate analysis to broaden projections and enhance decision-making.

Industry-Leading Financial Modeling Software

For Healthcare Organizations Around the World

Release the visionary in you with powerful strategic planning software for healthcare organizations. See where Synario could help your healthcare finance team overcome some of its toughest strategic and financial planning challenges.

healthcare total expenditures

Expenditure Breakouts

Isolate, compare, and pivot your healthcare expenditures to accurately forecast any number of products, services, or business units.

Hospital Bed Impacts

Bed/Room Turnover & Occupancy

Customize your bed and occupancy assumptions in Synario to fully understand your current and future capacity.

Claims Denial Modeling

Customize your Synario model to show how claims denial rates affect future revenue generation and more.

Custom healthcare debt funding ratios

Custom Debt & Funding Ratios

Synario is one of the only platforms that allows finance professionals to set custom ratios and calculate the associated assumptions to meet benchmark finance KPIs.

Toggled Micro and Macro Scenarios

Analyze individual assumptions and initiatives, or bundle real estate financial model changes together and save them as macro-scenarios.

Simultaneous Cloud-Based Access

Work as a team to solve your toughest real estate planning challenges in Synario. Users can work simultaneously on a single cloud-based financial model.


Fewer Formulas


Free of #ref Errors


Integrated Financial Statements

Driving Organizational Excellence with Strategic Modeling and Accountability

Strategic planning in healthcare organizations takes more than a spreadsheet-based template. Find out how organizations leverage Synario to drive strategic decision-making and accountability.

When mission-critical decisions are made, they require broad analysis to fully vet every possible outcome. That analysis should include multiple viewpoints and perspectives from across the organization to make sure every potential future scenario is realized.

Learn how you can drive excellence here.

Capital planning example

Capital Planning in Synario

Synario offers an innovative way to explore your capital plan within the framework of your healthcare strategic plan.

Watch the capital planning example video to see how Synario accelerates capital planning, saving you countless hours of model management and building time.

Improve your capital planning process today.

Financial Model Flexibility without IT Support

IT roadblocks can cause stagnation and frustration throughout a team or department. With Synario, your IT department can safely step aside.

Our patented financial modeling technology works in isolation, meaning your organization does not need to work with IT to connect your existing systems. Furthermore, your organization maintains the flexibility to switch to the latest and greatest technology without reconnecting to Synario.

Your healthcare organization does not need to install any new software or connect Synario to your existing ERP/budgeting/accounting platform. Easily upload your financial data and access it anytime via cloud-based web application.

Designed for Collaboration

Synario's financial models are not just meant for modelers. Through the Synario software, CFOs can adjust and modify assumptions and initiatives, quickly creating new views of their organization's future. Meanwhile, stakeholders can view specific presentations composed of accessible insights from financial or strategic model outputs.

Configure, analyze, and understand your financial models from any position.