Telecommunications Finance Planning with Synario

Make your telecom financial planning more streamlined and collaborative with Synario's powerful financial modeling software. Purpose-built to help finance executives explore their financial future in real-time, Synario simplifies every planning activity from capital and operational planning to workforce and sales forecasting.

Synario offers a transformative financial planning and modeling experience that accelerates your telecommunication's ability to make informed decisions about its financial future. Explore how Synario helps Telecom companies model their future below.

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How a Telecom Company Saved Countless Hours Utilizing Synario’s Rolling Cash Flow Statements

“We sit down every October with stakeholders to plan out our capital build for the next year, including what types of services we're going to be offering to our cus-tomers, and it's only because we have the cash flow statement in Synario that I am able to do that."

– Melissa Green, CFO, Hart Telephone Company

Industry-Leading Telecommunications Finance Planning Software

Release the visionary in you with powerful financial planning and modeling software for telecom companies. Build, manage, and understand your telecommunication's financial projections in Synario's cloud-based collaborative platform.

telecom capital projects

Capital and Infrastructure Projects

Explore any variation or combination of capital and infrastructure projects using Synario's micro and macro scenario manager.

telecom broadband landline

Custom Products and Services

Create custom projections around services like prepaid, postpaid, internet, and landline. Synario offers complete model customization.

telecom federal funding

Changing State and Federal Subsidies

Customize and forecast local, state, and federal grants and subsidies all the way to their cash flow impacts.

Custom healthcare debt funding ratios

Custom Debt & Funding Ratios

Synario is one of the only platforms that allows finance professionals to set custom ratios and calculate the associated assumptions to meet benchmark finance KPIs.

Toggled Micro and Macro Scenarios

Analyze individual assumptions and initiatives, or bundle real estate financial model changes together and save them as macro-scenarios.

Simultaneous Cloud-Based Access

Work as a team to solve your toughest real estate planning challenges in Synario. Users can work simultaneously on a single cloud-based financial model.


Fewer Formulas


Free of #ref Errors


Integrated Financial Statements

Embracing Innovation: Maintaining a Competitive Edge in the Telecom Industry

As a small, rural telecommunications company, Hart Telephone Company (HTC) faces the unique challenge of providing innovative service offerings with fewer resources than those available to its urban counterparts. For HTC, navigating this increasingly complex landscape is made easier with Synario, helping to ensure its financial stability despite shifting market factors.

Read how HTC utilized Synario to create custom cash flow projections and holistically view their telecom's financial future.

infrastructure planning ebook

Free Whitepaper

Financial Modeling for Infrastructure Projects

In this whitepaper, we’ll break down the infrastructure challenges experienced by both utility and telecommunications companies, as well as explore how the right financial modeling tools and techniques can help.

This way, public power, water, and telecom companies can navigate uncertainty, optimize infrastructure investments, and move towards a brighter future.

Financial Model Flexibility without IT Support

IT roadblocks can cause stagnation and frustration throughout a team or department. With Synario, your IT department can safely step aside.

Our patented financial modeling technology works in isolation, meaning your organization does not need to work with IT to connect your existing systems. Furthermore, your organization maintains the flexibility to switch to the latest and greatest technology without reconnecting to Synario.

Your telecommunications organization does not need to install any new software or connect Synario to your existing ERP/budgeting/accounting platform. Easily upload your financial data and access it anytime via cloud-based web application.

Designed for Collaboration

Synario's financial models are not just meant for modelers. Through the Synario software, CFOs can adjust and modify assumptions and initiatives, quickly creating new views of their organization's future. Meanwhile, stakeholders can view specific presentations composed of accessible insights from financial or strategic model outputs.

Configure, analyze, and understand your financial models from any position.