Long-Term Capital Planning & Funding

Finding the perfect balance of funding and capital initiatives or investments is a daunting task even when there are only two capital projects in play. Unfortunately, most mid to large-size organizations are analyzing a plethora of capital projects, attempting to find the best mixture to match their organization’s long-term strategic goals.

Synario offers an agile capital planning tool that streamlines your capital plan analysis and allows finance teams to look at every combination of funding and capital projects. 

Utility Example

Watch How Synario Streamlines Capital Planning

Utility companies have hundreds of capital projects, initiatives, and purchases to plan, however, they generally have limited funding or resources to include every initiative in a single year’s capital plan.

With Synario, they can quickly analyze any mixture of capital projects and funding sources to find their best capital plan. Synario also accelerates any organization’s long-term capital planning process by allowing for cloud-based simultaneous collaboration within every financial model.

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Capital Planning Best Practices

Built Directly into Your Synario Capital Plan

McKinsey & Company’s article on the 9 Best Practices in Capital Planning lists capital planning best practices that are already built into every Synario financial model or capital plan.

In spreadsheets, these long-term capital planning best practices are difficult to execute. In Synario, however, every user can seamlessly incorporate best practices to accelerate their capital planning process. Here’s how:

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Create Capital Plans Together
Synario offers a collaborative financial modeling and capital planning software where users can work simultaneously within the same model.
Set Objectives and Compare Projects
Easily establish your financial goals or ideal projection within Synario, then compare and contrast different projects and initiatives using user-friendly on/off switches.
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Accelerate Approvals and Decision-Making
Answer stakeholder questions during presentations with Synario's dynamic and interactive presentations, allowing for informed same-day decisions.

Incorporate Custom Model Logic

Into Your Long-Term Capital Plan

It’s easy to plan a straightforward capital project, but what happens when one project is dependent on a suite of other projects? Synario can incorporate custom logic to link mutually exclusive capital projects, initiatives, or assumptions. Best of all, you don’t need to hire expensive contractors or agents to modify your capital plans or financial models.

Synario comes out of the box with every tool you need to customize and realize your organization’s unique capital plan.

Micro and Macro Scenario Builder in Synario

Easily incorporate capital projects and initiatives into overarching scenarios in Synario.

Every micro and macro scenario is completely customizable, meaning your organization can view its future from any angle. Synario updates within seconds as soon as capital projects are incorporated into a projection with the help of our patented layering technology.

Your finance team, C-levels, and stakeholders can simultaneously access and explore scenario-based dashboards, meaning your organization can spend more time understanding its financial future rather than managing spreadsheet versions and presentations.

Temple University

“Synario represents the next generation in financial modeling software and will undoubtedly enhance our ability to test, model, and interpret Temple’s ever-growing array of operating and capital initiatives.”

– Ken Kaiser, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer, Temple University

Used by Public and Private Organizations Worldwide

Synario is an agile, intelligent financial modeling platform that offers transformative insights into the financial future of any organization.

Synario is used by higher education institutions, utilities, local governments, healthcare organizations, transportation agencies, and other public and private entities.

Temple University
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