Solutions for Your Financial Modeling Challenges

Unlock the power of your full financial future with Synario's powerful financial modeling solution. Read below to find out more about how Synario solves key modeling challenges like cash flow analysis and forecasting as well as scenario planning.

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And Trust Your Financial Models

Today’s top financial leaders are in the midst of a dramatic shift – transforming their strategic role from financialists to futurists. They are urgently adopting new ways to analyze financial data, expand time horizons, and broaden strategic sight lines. Yet, limited and legacy modeling technologies are keeping their visions and value out of sight and out of reach.


To Key Financial Modeling Challenges

Spreadsheet applications were built to solve rudimentary accounting challenges, which makes them ill-suited for financial modeling. With Synario, you can tackle your most difficult financial modeling and forecasting challenges, like scenario planning and cash flow forecasting, using purpose-built tools and technology.


Create Financial Models that Output Comprehensive Cash Flow Projections.

Cash Flow Analysis in Synario

Synario starts out-of-the-box with integrated financial statements that output comprehensive cash flow statements along any time horizon.

Unlike spreadsheets, Synario is highly error resistant, meaning your cash flow forecasts are clear and reliable. Whether you are modeling debt funding, capital projects, or rolling cash flow projections, Synario’s advanced cash flow forecasting will provide detailed answers to your most challenging cash flow questions.

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Explore Any Future Scenario with Synario's Intuitive Micro and Macro Scenario Manager.

Our name, Synario, isn’t just for looks. Synario does scenario planning best.

The Synario financial modeling platform is best-in-class for solving the challenges related to scenario planning. From managing a multitude of micro scenarios to incorporating macro scenarios into integrated financial statements, Synario provides patented modeling tools to help finance leaders tackle their toughest scenario planning challenges.

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Spreadsheets often fail to respond or crash altogether. Board presentations are filled with inaccurate numbers and a lack of expertise can make it impossible to modify an inaccurate model. Spreadsheets do not foster consensus around organizational initiatives and trajectories.

These are all challenges with typical financial modeling techniques and software.

We Understand Your Modeling Challenges

  • Redundant and repetitive spreadsheets

  • Error propagation and version control

  •  Time wasted creating custom reports and financial analyses

  • Inaccurate, untrustworthy and static results

  • Dependent on one model builder to update data and evolve to answer new questions

  • Difficult to collaborate when building models and presenting results 

Agile Modeling Intelligence


Purpose-built tools, features, and functions make it easy to build, modify, and maintain high-performance models.


Patented Multiverse Modeling™ powers unlimited live scenarios, enabling rapid comparative analysis.


Cloud-enabled Analytical and Presentation modes dynamically animate analysis to broaden projections and enhance decision-making.

Synario Solution Any Industry

Flexible Modeling Tool for Financial Planning, Forecasting, and Reporting 

An integrated financial model to analyze various scenarios is essential for every organization’s future. Synario’s integrated financial models answer mission-critical questions for corporate and institutional initiatives.

From simple data integration to pre-built modeling tools, Synario is the only modeling platform you need to model your business forward. Foster collaboration and build consensus with Synario’s easily accessible cloud solution. 

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Modeling Intelligence for Any Industry

Finance professionals across a variety of industries use Synario to inform strategic decisions. Synario provides rich analysis into the future of any organization’s bottom line, balance sheet, cash flow, and shareholder value.

A multitude of businesses have implemented Synario to gain a competitive edge over their industry. Modeling Intelligence from Synario has allowed them to confidently capitalize on strategic opportunities faster than spreadsheet or budgeting alternatives.

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