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Agile Financial Modeling Software for CFOs and Leadership Teams

Midwest Energy & Communications

“If you aren’t using a tool such as Synario and you’re in my seat, you’re not doing the job the way that it should be done. A tool like this is essential.”

– Todd Crandall, CFO

Midwest Energy and Communications

Make High-Stakes Decisions with Speed + Precision 

Adapt quickly to any threat and maximize new opportunities

Far beyond traditional forecasting, Synario’s scenario-based planning and modeling platform empowers visionary business leaders to query the future and visualize a full spectrum of quantitively supported outcomes. Strategic leadership teams can now understand the holistic 360 impacts a decision will have on the overall organization quickly and decisively.

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Create Your Own Trajectory with Clarity + Confidence 

The CFO Model

The most agile businesses are prepared, responsive, and proactive–Synario helps you accomplish and manage all three within one flexible modeling platform. As CFOs settle into more strategic roles, powerful and efficient financial modeling becomes more critical. CFO actions influence significant decisions that can result in costly mistakes or uncover new areas of opportunity that can positively affect a business's overall trajectory.

With Synario, you will be able to prove without doubt project feasibility, cash flow health, and quickly identify any financial weaknesses–making your decisions more intentional instead of purely reactive.

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Innovate + Collaborate

Scenario-Based Creative Planning

Curiosity and innovation fuels businesses and the power within your Fintech toolkit is what will help your organization actualize its full potential. 


Synario’s Modeling Intelligence (MI) wraps object-orientation and scenario-based technological architecture into one simplified, comprehensive, and agile modeling platform—allowing any organization to maximize any opportunity.


Synario’s flexibility can drive the development of innovative strategies that maximize financial performance in any complex business or economic environment the future holds. 


With Synario you can design and manage a variation of plans, from long-range strategic initiatives to short-term tactical contingency planning focused on navigating unprecedented events.

More on Synario's Forward-looking Query Capabilities:

Analyze Models Intelligently

Patented Multiverse Modeling™ technology allows users to explore an unlimited number of scenarios or what-if questions from a single model. Escape the confines of spreadsheets with superior financial model analysis tools from Synario.

Scenario Analysis

Discover the power of a scenario-based outlook with Synario. Patented Multiverse Modeling™ technology allows users to explore an unlimited number of financial scenarios from a single model. Synario does scenarios best.

Sensitivity Analysis

Easily zoom in on the effects of individual financial variables on your organizations financial outlook. Through user-friendly sliders and interactive charts and graphs, Synario removes the difficulties surrounding sensitivity testing in a spreadsheet.

Cashflow Analysis

Synario is a purpose-built financial modeling platform. Unlike traditional spreadsheet or budgeting applications, Synario was built to solve challenges associated with financial modeling and cash flow analysis.