Making Waves in Water Utilities Finance

 A Specialized Model,
Tailor-Made for Water Utilities

Synario is proud to include the newly launched Revenue Replacement Model in it's platform, a proprietary financial forecasting and revenue requirements model tailored specifically for the water utility industry. We believe This innovative tool is set to empower water utilities with data-driven insights and a strategic approach to optimizing revenue generation, improving financial stability, and ensuring sustainable growth.

Risk Assessment and Scenario Analysis:

The model incorporates scenario analysis capabilities, allowing water utilities to evaluate various risk factors and simulate potential outcomes. By identifying and quantifying risks, decision-makers can implement risk mitigation strategies and ensure financial stability.

Real-time Reporting & Updates:

The cloud-based platform provides for real-time updates and dynamic modeling capabilities, empowering decisionmakers to adapt swiftly to changing market conditions and make agile financial decisions.

Revenue Forecasting:

The Revenue Requirements Model will auto-calculate needed proposed revenue increases based on any combination of operational and capital impacts. It has the flexibility to do this based off of dollar value or coverage of any combination of metrics. The Model allows the user to input and leverage their historical data, market trends, and consumption patterns to accurately forecast revenue streams. This enables water utilities to prepare for potential revenue fluctuations and establish realistic financial projections based on existing rates.

Infrastructure Investment Planning:

The Model allows water utilities to consider infrastructure development and requirements needs to aid in optimizing capital investments. By aligning investments with projected revenue, utilities can make cost-effective decisions that lead to a sustainable financial future.

Regulatory Compliance:

Complying with regulations is essential for water utilities to maintain financial health. Synario's model allows for the inclusion of regulatory requirements into the financial projections, ensuring utilities can meet compliance obligations without compromising revenue targets.

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We started Synario for the same reason many of our clients started using it: we were tired of struggling with spreadsheets and their shortcomings. We needed a solution that was dynamic, adaptable, and promoted cross-team collaboration.

To answer this need, we created Synario: the agile modeling software organizations rely on to forecast and visualize their financial futures.

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