Whitebirch Is Now Synario

Whitebirch Multi-Year Planning has rebranded to Synario. The new name represents our focus on offering finance leaders the best financial modeling and scenario analysis software available. Learn more about how Synario offers clarity, credibility, and consensus around the financial trajectory of any business. See the list of software features that make your FP&A more effective here.

“Synario has become an invaluable tool for our organization. The flexibility to model multiple variables and scenarios provides the directionally correct financials which inform our decision-making, and ultimately helps shape the direction of our institution."

Rob Robinson, Chief Financial Officer, Saint Michael’s College

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Why We Made The Switch to Synario

The new name, Synario, reflects our commitment to providing best-in-class financial modeling tools and techniques to our dedicated clients. As opposed to Whitebirch Multi-Year Planning, Synario highlights the powerful scenario analysis and sensitivity testing features that our financial modeling software is famous for.

As 2020’s dramatic market shifts and economic changes continue to influence organizations around the world, Synario offers a unique solution that allows finance leaders to peer into their future and plan towards the brightest possible future.

Based in Philadelphia, the Synario team is ever growing and continuing to improve the financial modeling experience in the software. With over 150+ clients in a variety of industries, the Synario (previously Whitebirch Multi-Year Planning) software is in active use by finance professionals around the world.

Synario in Philadelphia

Synario Highlighted Features

Synario offers a variety of powerful financial modeling tools and features. From the introductory stages of modeling through the delivery of a presentation, Synario offers a transformative financial modeling experience for finance professionals, analysts, and stakeholders alike. See a full list of Synario Features

integrated financial statements

Integrated Financial Statements

Synario comes out of the box with pre-mapped accounting, meaning financial statements are fully connected and automated. Changes to assumptions, capital initiatives, and much more flow across every statement, including cash flow.

scenario analysis

Scenario Analysis

Discover the power of a scenario-based outlook with Synario. Patented Multiverse Modeling™ technology allows users to explore an unlimited number of financial scenarios from a single model. Synario does scenarios best.

sensitivity analysis

Sensitivity Analysis

Easily zoom in on the effects of individual financial variables on your organizations financial outlook. Through user-friendly sliders and interactive charts and graphs, Synario removes the difficulties surrounding sensitivity testing in a spreadsheet.