Agile Financial Modeling Intelligence

Stop wrangling spreadsheets and manage your financial modeling regime on one comprehensive, customizable modeling platform.

Easier Modeling.

Easier Analysis.

Easier Decisions.

Spreadsheet Modeling is

Your financial models are struggling to keep up with your evolving needs and are starting to collapse under their own weight. We get it. As a platform built by modelers for finance professionals, we've experienced our fair share of spreadsheet shortcomings too:

Data: Manual or macro-driven processes

Model Management: Reference, relationship, and line-item wrangling

Asumptions & Scenarios: Version control problems, conditional logic or macro-writing challenges

Reporting: Financial statement development and maintenance issues, horizon/periodicity management burden, and comparative-analysis inefficiencies

Collaboration: Stale PowerPoint downloads, read-only model sharing, tortuous auditing

Our Solution – Synario.

Intelligent Financial Modeling Platform Customized to fit Your Business.

Model, Analyze and Present BETTER.

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