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Industry Leading Financial Modeling Platform

Answer tomorrow's questions today with powerful financial modeling software from Synario. Test unlimited sets of assumptions and scenarios on your business’s unique financial outlook, all from a single financial model. Future-proof your organization by creating scenario-based plans to adapt to any industry shift or economic condition.








Build Models Quickly

Synario has multiple features to help both modelers and non-modelers build out their financial models and scenarios. See below for our highlighted model building features.

Fast Data Import

Synario offers an IT-free easy data import process, facilitated by our world-class rated implementation team. It only takes a few minutes to update your historical data, allowing you to always work with the most up to date financial models.

Object Orientation

Unlike a spreadsheet, where every cell is a value or formula, Synario is built on an object oriented architecture. Updates flow across related financial items creating a faster and more error-resilient workflow.

Integrated Financial Statements

Synario comes out of the box with pre-mapped accounting, meaning financial statements are fully connected and automated. Changes to assumptions, capital initiatives, and much more flow across every statement, including cash flow.

Analyze Models Intelligently

Patented Multiverse Modeling™ technology allows users to explore an unlimited number of scenarios or what-if questions from a single model. Escape the confines of spreadsheets with superior financial model analysis tools from Synario.

Scenario Analysis

Discover the power of a scenario-based outlook with Synario. Patented Multiverse Modeling™ technology allows users to explore an unlimited number of financial scenarios from a single model. Synario does scenarios best.

Sensitivity Analysis

Easily zoom in on the effects of individual financial variables on your organizations financial outlook. Through user-friendly sliders and interactive charts and graphs, Synario removes the difficulties surrounding sensitivity testing in a spreadsheet.

What-If Analysis

Remove the back and forth between your finance department and board or stakeholders. Synario allows finance professionals to quickly adapt their financial models to answer what-if questions as they are asked.

Present Models Confidently

Dynamic presentations are directly connected to your Synario financial modeling. Presenting your financial future using Synario yields confidence, clarity, and consensus among stakeholders and organizational leaders.

Live Connected Presentations

Dynamic presentations are simple to build inside of the Synario modeling platform. Eliminate the back and forth between spreadsheet based models and slide deck presentations. With Synario, you can build, analyze, and present from a single model.

Drill-Down Functionality

Establish clarity and credibility in the boardroom with Synario's drill-down 'Explain' feature. Explore the logic behind any calculated value throughout your financial model. Present every model with confidence using Synario.

Differential Access

Easily assign access levels to any member of your organization with Synario. Even model presentations can be assigned access so that board members or stakeholders can offer insight prior to an important meeting.

How Synario Does it Best

Synario helps organizations navigate today's uncertain environment.

Synario helps friends and colleagues navigate uncertain market conditions caused by COVID-19. By referring Synario, you can help an organization uncover its best financial future.

Synario helps business leaders see a full-field view of their future.

Synario's dynamic presentations inspire collaboration and consensus across an organization. By referring Synario, you can help an organization see a full-field picture of its financial future.

Synario helps modelers and CFOs create reliable projections.

Synario helps finance teams reduce human-error and problems associated with static financial forecasts. By referring Synario, you can help a finance team trust their financial models.

Used by Public and Private Organizations Worldwide

Synario is an agile, intelligent financial modeling platform that offers transformative insights into the financial future of any organization.

Synario is used by higher education institutions, utilities, local governments, healthcare organizations, transportation agencies, and other public and private entities.