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Higher Education: Navigating the New Normal Post-COVID-19

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Navigate the Post-COVID World with Scenario Analysis Insights from Synario.

Without adequate cash flows, revenue generation, or new capital injections, many higher education institutions won’t be able to stay solvent and keep their doors open. If higher education as we know it is to survive institutions must be able to weather this storm.

Even after COVID-19 ends and campus closures are lifted, systemic financial challenges will remain. Going back to business as usual would be a step backward. Higher education institutions must embrace the “new normal” in order to remain resilient and prepared for whatever the future may bring. Here are a few ways they might be able to do that:


  • Quantify the impacts of COVID-19 on higher education.
  • Understand the implications of those impacts.
  • Navigate the post-COVID world with focused improvement in three areas.

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